SeaPad is a fair, innovative, and trusted launchpad platform that builds on new emerging blockchain networks. SeaPad's mission is to accelerate creative ideas and bring projects to life. SeaPad has two primary objectives:

  • For projects: SeaPad provides long-term support, not only for fundraising but also throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, from ideation to post-launch and even ongoing operations, with a special focus on projects built on new networks.

  • For users and investors: Our platform is tailored to demystify the investment process in blockchain projects, making it accessible and rewarding for both Web3 veterans and newcomers. SeaPad is dedicated to offering investment opportunities that promise stable, long-term returns, ensuring a win-win for all our stakeholders.

Currently, SeaPad proudly supports an array of networks including Sui, BNB Chain, zkSync, Sei, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Linea, Arbitrum, and Optimism. We're continuously expanding our network support to engage a wider audience and foster a richer blockchain ecosystem.

SeaPad stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the blockchain space, ensuring both projects and investors have a supportive, equitable platform to thrive.

To understand how to navigate SeaPad, please read to the following sections:

For Investors and Sale Participants:

For Investors and Sale Participants:

SeaPad provides many categories for projects to apply. Projects can apply for Incubator, seed/private sales, public IDO or post IDO depending on project situation.

Secondly, SeaPad forms the DAO committee with the participation of many parties including the Security (Audit), Technology, Community, VCs, etc. This committee will verify the project credibility and decide if projects get listed on SeaPad. If a project is selected to join the incubator, DAO committee will help accelerate the projects. They are also involved as the projects angel investors and shares benefits.

Furthermore, SeaPad streamlines the acquisition of IDO tokens, setting us apart from other platforms. Our approach emphasizes flexibility in payment options, and we are committed to incorporating traditional payment methods in the near future to further ease the process.

SeaPad also empowers project owners with the flexibility to tailor their launch strategy according to their preferences. Project creators have the option to choose between a fair-launch model, which operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, or a priority-launch model. Please refer to this page for more details

In the near future, SeaPad aims to provide all functions that users need to utilize their token such as staking, swapping, NFT-lization, voting, on-chain token monitoring, gamification, etc. Seapad commits engaging users and supporting projects for the long term.

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