How to Apply to Join the SeaPad Launchpad Program?

As a reputable launchpad on multiple neworks, we are committed to helping projects achieve success while also providing benefits for users and investors. If you are a builder or project owner seeking to bring your innovative ideas to fruition but are struggling with financing for product development or scaling your projects, SeaPad is the ideal platform for you. The following guide outlines the process of onboarding your project to SeaPad.

Step 1. Complete the listing application form

Token Listing Application form

There are five sections in the application form. Please read through the application and fill out the form as thoroughly as possible. It may take approximately ten minutes to complete. Pay special attention to certain fields in Section 4 (fundraising information):

  • Your token type: Choose one from the available options. If your token is on SUI and follows the SUI Coin standard (like an ERC20 token), select the SUI coin (ERC20-like token on SUI) option. If you are issuing an NFT collection and want to raise funds with that NFT token, choose the Non-fungible token (NFT) option.

  • Your project audit certificate: Provide an audit report from a reputable security firm. If you do not have one, we can help connect you with a firm and obtain an audit certificate for your project.

  • The hardcap: This is the maximum amount (in Sui or stablecoin) you plan to raise. Once the sale reaches the hard cap, users will no longer be able to purchase your token, and the sale will end.

  • The softcap: This is the minimum amount (in Sui or stablecoin) that you intend to raise. If the total sale amount falls below the soft cap after the sale duration, your token sale will be considered unsuccessful, triggering a refund process where users receive their investments back. Be sure to set the soft cap at a reasonable amount.

Step 2. Review and feedback

Our DAO committee, comprised of reputable community builders, technologists, security firms, and others, will review your application and provide feedback within 3 business days. If your application meets the criteria, your project will proceed to the next steps. If the DAO committee members have concerns, further discussion and additional information may be required.

Step 3. Discussion and consultation

Though optional, we recommend engaging in in-depth discussions with our experts and seeking their advice to increase the chances of successfully raising funds for your project. Common topics for discussion include tokenomics, vesting schedules, IDO timing, and marketing campaigns before and during the sale.

Step 4. KYC process

All projects must complete the KYC process before being listed on SeaPad. We will send detailed information about the KYC process to your business email and ensure that all information is kept secure and confidential.

Step 5. Listing agreement

We will send you a draft listing agreement. You may provide feedback on the terms and conditions. Once both parties reach an agreement, the contract will be signed using e-signature platforms.

Step 6. Your project gets listed on SeaPad

Your project will appear on the SeaPad homepage with an "Upcoming" status. We will notify all users about your sale and share the news on our social channels, including Twitter, Discord, Medium, and Telegram. Additional marketing campaigns from SeaPad as per discussions can be executed upon request.

Post-fundraising steps will be conducted between SeaPad and the projects.

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