1. What is the SeaPad?

SeaPad is the launchpad and Defi platform for fundraising and user engagement on the Sui network.

2. What’s the special features of SeaPad?

SeaPad is the first platform on the Sui network that combines the LaunchPad and Defi functions into a single platform to maximise the users experience. It is also the first launchpad with DAO verification mechanism. SeaPad provides more options for projects to get supports from incubator to post-IDO. The target users of SeaPad is not only the crypto/web3 but also the web2 and traditional users

3. What is DAO verification mechanism?

It is the mechanism that allows a project to get verified by experts from many areas instead of solely from Seapad. The on-chain process and DAO verifiers will get incentive for their work. Read the detailed mechanism here.

4. How to list a project on SeaPad?

Everyone who completes the KYC can submit the project on SeaPad for IDO. If the projects pass the DAO verification, It will be listed on SeaPad.

5. How to buy IDO token on SeaPad?

Everyone can buy tokens on SeaPad if they decide to support the project in the long term. SeaPad does not have any barriers or limitations to users to access the investment but the projects may require users to complete some simple task to buy their tokens. The KYC may also be required.

6. Which network does SeaPad support?

SeaPad focuses on the Sui network at this moment. However, SeaPad is the DAO and community-driven platform. Other networks will be supported if the community votes for that.

7. Where can I buy SPT token?

SPT is the SeaPad token on the Sui network. As Sui network is not launched to mainnet yet (as of December, 2022), the SPT token is on the testnet. We airdrop to users for testing purpose only.

SPT token will be on the Sui network as soon as Sui launches mainnet. You can buy SPT on MEXC.

8. What is the relationship between SeaPad and SuiPad?

At the beginning, this project was SuiPad (domain name is suipad.app). However, this name is confused with another project on Sui network. To make it special and unique, the name was changed from SuiPad to SeaPad.

The SUI logo is a single water drop iconπŸ’§. The logo of SeaPad has a look of a water drop with smaller drops inside of it πŸ’¦. Potentially, our platform will have a lot of SUI’s projects listed on it.

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