Dynamic Claim Portal

The Claim Portal is a feature that enables SeaPad to collaborate with other launchpads and organizations. Today, there are numerous cutting-edge blockchains, such as Sui, Sei, and Zksync, that are attracting users, developers, and investors. Despite being exceptional platforms, these emerging blockchains often lack comprehensive launchpad support due to their novelty and the unique technologies they employ. As a result, innovative projects built on these blockchains struggle to raise funds and receive backing from existing launchpads.

SeaPad, as a pioneering and innovative project, addresses this issue by integrating many of these emerging blockchain platforms and offering the Claim Portal to facilitate collaboration. This portal allows projects built on new blockchain networks to raise funds via existing launchpads and claim their tokens through SeaPad's Claim Portal.

The following illustration explains how this process works

The Claim Portal can be adapted for use by any organization and is particularly beneficial for various types of escrow contracts. For instance, a company could deposit funds (in the form of stable tokens) into the Claim Portal pool as a means of paying their employees. Employees would then access the portal to claim their salaries based on predefined conditions and company policies.

The key advantage of this system is that all claim processes are executed automatically and transparently through smart contracts. Furthermore, these smart contracts undergo rigorous auditing by top security firms to ensure their integrity and reliability. This innovative approach streamlines payment processes while bolstering transparency and security.

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