Project registration

Every project can submit their projects to get help from the SeaPad platform. There are many categories that a project can apply for depending on the project status. Projects submitted to SeaPad must pass the qualification process to ensure that the project is valuable to users/investors and the whole ecosystem. SeaPad’s DAO committee will review projects carefully based on the following criteria:

  • The problem that the project is trying to solve

  • The innovation and unique features

  • Project development status

  • Project roadmap in detail

  • Project team experience and expertise

  • What category does the project need help with (Incubator, IDO, …)

  • The funds raising target and plan to use the funds (in fundraising round)

  • The refund condition and warranty (IDO round)

  • Others will be updated.

To apply for a launch on SeaPad, please submit via this link

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