How to Participate in SeaPad's Sales?

As our guiding principle has consistently been to prioritize accessibility and investor rights, we have rigorously adhered to stringent operational standards for all SeaPad Sales. The SeaPad Launchpad IDO, consequently, adopts a transparent and user-friendly three-round procedure. Before delving into the details of the process, it's important to understand that participation in all rounds of sales is exclusively guaranteed for Tier-qualified and Whitelist investors. Read more about the SeaPad Tier system here.

The 3-rounder IDO sale at SeaPad:

Round 1: Guaranteed Round.

During the Guaranteed Round, each investor has the opportunity to purchase a guaranteed allocation based on the amount assigned to their Tier. Any portions that remain unsold will then be carried over to the second round, known as the Booster Round.

Users holding Whitelist tickets are eligible to buy their allocation exclusively during the first Guaranteed Round. Should they choose not to purchase, their allocation will be transferred to the Booster Round.

  • Tier-qualified investors: Individuals who stake a specific amount of SeaPad Tokens (SPT) to be eligible for the associated Tier benefits.

  • Whitelist investors: Individuals who receive Whitelist Tickets from events and giveaways from SeaPad.

Round 2: Booster Round

SeaPad categorizes Tier ranges into two types:

  • Lower Tiers: Tier 1-5

  • Upper Tiers: Tier 6-9

The Booster Round is a sale phase where the maximum allocation for all investors is increased by a predetermined percentage. SeaPad announces in advance the multiplication factor for each Tier range. Typically, Lower Tiers receive a higher multiplication factor (X-ratio) to maintain fairness across all Tiers. However, some IDOs may offer the same multiplication factor for all Tiers.

For example, in the Haunted Space's private sale, every Tier-investor's maximum allocation is multiplied 4 times to bring in a greater chance for every adventurous sailors at SeaPad.

Round 3: First-come-first-serve (FCFS) Round

Tokens that are not sold during the Booster Round are moved to the FCFS Round. In this round, all investors receive an allocation based on their Tiers, but it is no longer guaranteed. The sale operates exactly as the name suggests: those who arrive first have the opportunity to purchase first.

The multiplication factor from the Booster Round does not apply here. Investors are free to purchase as much as they can from the pool until it is depleted. The key to success in this round is speed (and a bit of luck).

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