Many options to launch project

Unlike many other launchpad platforms which focus on the IDO only, Seapad has many options to launch a project based on the project situation.

For projects to apply to SeaPad, please consider the following options of launching your projects:

  • Incubator Program: This option is for the project with feasible and creative ideas. There is no product launching yet or even a prototype. Any enthusiastic team can apply for an incubator pool. The DAO committee will verify the ideas, team's credibility, feasibility, market demand, etc. to decide if the project is selected or not. If a project is selected, DAO committee will advise and support the project in many aspects such as the technology support, community building, VCs connection. In return, DAO committee will become the angle investors, share the benefits and get project's token allocation

  • Seed and Private Sale: Incubator projects or any projects that meet some certain requirements can apply for Seed and private round. Users who buy tokens in seed or private round can be VCs or individuals. KYC may be required to access the token sales.

  • IDO Sale: The IDO or public IDO is the sales round for all users/investors. Unlike other launchpad platforms, SeaPad is the launch-fair platform. It does not require users to purchase any premium packages (for example Diamond, Gold, Silver) or to stake/lock SeaPad token to buy IDO tokens.

Projects can configure its rule for any of sale type. There are two types of rules: true fair and priority. True fair gives everyone access to buy tokens. Priority allows users who support the project to buy tokens.

The amount of tokens can be purchased will depend on each project (min-max) and the way to support the project will be decided by the project owners. For instance, they could be tasks oncrew3, taskone, etc.

Post IDO: The post-IDO helps projects to get support from SeaPad and SeaPad’s partners. Projects listed on this round will not focus on fundraising but for the scale up such as consulting for listing on DEX/CEX, operation assistance, community growth, etc.

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