Many utility functions

This is still WIP

Although the main function of SeaPad is the launchpad SeaPad provides many other functions for users to utlilize their tokens after buying in seed, private or IDO rounds.

Some common activities of users/investors after buying tokens in launchpad could be seen as below:

They will first claim tokens (as the vesting schedule) then move their tokens to another platform for staking or farming. If the token is listed on any decentralized exchanges (DEX), they may open the DEX to swap their tokens for other tokens or stable coins. Users may also need a tool to monitor the vesting tokens and the on-chain data. For example, to detect the whale wallet moving the big amount of token into DEX/CEX.

The problem is that users need to find and use many different platforms to meet their demands. It is not convenient for users. Switching among the platforms may be costly because of the transaction fee. SeaPad intergrates most of the functions that a user may need to utilize their tokens so that they can have all they need in one place.

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