How to Stake SPT and Get your Tier?

In the world of decentralized finance, SeaPad shines as a go-to platform for crypto seadogs looking to get involved in new and exciting projects using IDOs and other Sales (Private, Seed Rounds). To participate in the journey, staking your SeaPad Token (SPT) is the key element. This short guide is your key to grasping the basics of staking SPT to get a Tier and join in any Token Sales.

SeaPad Launchpad aims for simplification and innovation in every corner of the Sale Experience. Therefore, the staking can easily be done on our SeaPad Application - a simple user interface with an intuitive user flow so ANYONE can start to stake SPT, earn rewards, and take part in SeaPad's Sales transparently.

Below are the step-by-step instructions for staking SeaPad Tokens:


Connect your EVM Wallet (Metamask, Trust,..), then your Sui Wallet in โ€œMy Profileโ€

Because SPT is currently a Sui native token, users will have to bind your Sui wallet and your EVM wallet in order to join IDOs and Sales on EVM networks such as BNB chain.

Click on connect wallet, and once you connected your wallet. Click on "Profile" to see the list of your wallets across different chains.

Step 2:

Buy SPT on MEXC Platform and transfer to your connected Sui Wallet.

Step 3:

Go to SeaPad's Tier System and stake your SPT and get your tier based on the amount of SPT you wish to stake.

On the staking dashboard, you can see the total staked amount of SPT, number of total stakers and APY for staking SPT on SeaPad. For more information, visit SeaPad Tier System.

The reward of your SPT Staking will be processed every minute after staking.You will receive daily SPT rewards, and you can claim them by clicking on the "Claim" button. Alternatively, you have the option to compound the rewards by adding them to the current staked amount, thereby enhancing your potential for increased future rewards.

Additionally, to unstake your SPT, press the โ€œUnstakeโ€ button and follow the same steps above. Please remind that your SPT will be locked for 10 days until you can withdraw.

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