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SeaPad - The trusted launchpad that accelerates the web3 mass adoption
SeaPad is a fair, innovative, and trusted launchpad platform that builds on new emerging blockchain platforms such as Sui, Sei, Arbitrum, zkSync, and others. SeaPad's mission is to accelerate creative ideas and bring projects to life. SeaPad has two primary objectives:
  • For projects: SeaPad provides long-term support, not only for fundraising but also throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, from ideation to post-launch and even ongoing operations, with a special focus on projects built on new networks.
  • For users and investors: SeaPad eliminates barriers to accessing project investments, catering to both Web3 and Web2 users, and generating stable, long-term revenue and benefits for all participants.
SeaPad also integrates the Defi functions such as swapping token (Dex), Staking token, marketing tools, on-chain referential mechanism, DAO government, etc. to make it convenient for both project makers and investors. Users once enter SeaPad will not need to move to other platforms.
Furthermore, as a trailblazing product on emerging blockchains, SeaPad is well aware of the challenges faced by other projects when attempting to raise funds through existing launchpads that have not yet integrated these nascent blockchains. To address this issue, SeaPad offers a Claim Portal that enables projects built on new blockchains to raise funds via any launchpad. Users can participate in the IDO as usual, and when it comes time to claim their tokens, they can simply visit SeaPad's Claim Portal. Here, they can access their tokens according to the vesting schedule outlined in the project's tokenomics.
Claim Portal from SeaPad that support many emerging blockchain networks
Currently, There are two types of launchpad: The permission and permissionless.
The permission launchpads verify the projects before listing and limit users accessing the token sales. Users can invest in IDO tokens if they buy the packages such as Diamond, Gold, Silver. The higher package will give users higher chance to buy IDO tokens. Another common way for users to get whitelisted is by locking-up platform tokens to receive IDO tokens. This approach is good for the platform because platform tokens will be held and increase overtime. However, It does not bring long term value for the whole projects and ecosystems and It will not work efficiently in the bear market. Additional to that, non-crypto and traditional users may find it inconvenient when doing investment due to unfamiliar steps to access the investment. The biggest concern most users have is that why we need to buy launchpad tokens while being interested in IDO projects only!
The permissionless launchpads, on the other hand, do not have restrictions for both projects and investors. Anyone can create the IDO tokens or launch their fundraising with a simple click and users can freely buy the IDO tokens. These launchpad concepts seem great at first glance but unqualified projects and scams on permissionless platform could discredit the ecosystems as well as investor’s confidence.
SeaPad has the new approach to support the projects and engage the investors. It inherits all outstanding features from permission and permissionless launchpads.The journey of lauching a project on SeaPad could be seen as below.
Overview of SeaPad platform
Firstly, SeaPad provides many categories for projects to apply. Projects can apply for Incubator, seed/private sales, public IDO or post IDO depending on project situation.
Secondly, SeaPad forms the DAO committee with the participation of many parties including the Security (Audit), Technology, Community, VCs, etc. This committee will verify the project credibility and decide if projects get listed on SeaPad. If a project is selected to join the incubator, DAO committee will help accelerate the projects. They are also involved as the projects angel investors and shares benefits.
Thirdly, SeaPad simplifies the process of buying the IDO tokens. Unlike other platforms, Seapad users do not need to buy Seapad premium packages or lock Seapad tokens to buy IDO tokens. The payment options will be flexible and we intend to integrate the traditional payment methods in the near future. SeaPad also lets the projects to configure themselves in a way that they prefer. Project owners can do either fair-launch which is first come first serve or priority-launch meaning users will need to complete some tasks from projects before purchasing.
Lastly, SeaPad provides all functions that users need to utilize their token such as staking, swapping, NFT-lization, voting, on-chain token monitoring, gamification, etc. Seapad commits engaging users and supporting projects for the long term.
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